Void Tower Scrubbers

For removal of gaseous and particulate pollutants from airstreams with solid depositions. 

Units include a series of liquid sprays unpacked tower. Manufactured to designs by Armatec based on actual installations and application studies from pilot plants.

Countercurrent void towers give the best performance, i.e. with the scrubbing liquid flowing downwards countercurrent to the air stream.

The void towers have a sump in their base, where the scrubbing liquid is collected and recirculated to the sprays above.

Void Tower Scrubbers are the original wet scrubber before packings were developed to enhance the scrubbing action; thus, scrubbing efficiencies are lower than packed towers of the same dimensions.

However Void Towers are preferred for installations where solids deposition can occur on the vessel walls. These deposits do not affect the void tower scrubbing performance as the towers are large and open. The deposits can be subsequently cleaned in a short time during scheduled maintenance.

Uses of Void Towers

  • Fertiliser den gas scrubbing
  • Particulate collection in fertiliser applications
  • Particulate collection from driers
  • Conditioning of air stream for biofilter

Armatec Void Towers have enhanced performance due to their detailed design. Carryover of scrubbing liquid is minimised and so does not rob the void tower of vital performance. Armatec Void Towers regularly achieve over 2 NTUs (number of mass transfer units), compared to older style void towers that achieve 1.0 to 1.5 NTUs.

Download Void Tower Scrubber Handbook

Download Void Tower Scrubber Handbook


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