Venturi Scrubbers

For scrubbing gases with particulate loadings and soluble gases - particularly for sub micron range.

Venturi scrubbers for a broad range of applications scrubbing gases with particulate loadings and soluble gases. They are particularly effective in the sub micron range. Manufactured under licence to Verantis of the USA.

The main capture process is inertial impaction; the air stream and scrubbing liquid are accelerated through a throat and the resulting turbulence results in solid particles impacting scrubbing liquid particles, and capture results.

Long throat venturi scrubbers provide removal efficiencies in excess of 99% when removing solid and liquid particles of 0.1 to 5 microns from corrosive gas streams. The venturi throat size is selected to achieve the design velocity and pressure drop for optimal mixing contact.

Multi-throat venturis use a series of rods to create the throat where the gas and liquid are accelerated to bring intimate contact and effect particulate collection. They can be designed for very low pressure drop, thus minimising energy consumption, and are ideal as a pre-treatment device to remove particulate ahead of a packed tower.

Eductor venturi scrubbers use liquid pressure to provide the gas driving force, i.e. a fan is not required. They are ideal for applications requiring high liquid to gas ratios, and are often used for emergency scrubber systems.


• Phosphate fertiliser manufacture 
• Sulphur melter particulate collection 
• Drier exhausts, especially for “sticky” materials 
• Pharmaceutical manufacture 
• Chemical manufacture 
• Galvanising plants 
• Incinerators 
• Particulate from food driers

Download Venturi Scrubbers Handbook

Download Venturi Scrubbers Handbook


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