Horizontal Surge Tanks

For additional wastewater storage

Fibreglass horizontal surge tanks are used to provide additional wastewater storage, but at the same time minimising site construction work. The horizontal design maximises the storage volume whilst minimising the depth of construction. The horizontal round tank is inherently strong to withstand soil and vehicle loads.

All joints are factory sealed inside and outside using the butt and strap method. This creates a joint that cannot leak wastewater outwards, or allow infiltration of groundwater.

The fibreglass tanks are light in weight so are easy to handle and install. This minimises site requirements for large cranes. Often the machinery used for excavation can be used to install the tank.

Key Features & Benefits

  • All fibreglass, no-leak factory-sealed joints inside and out 
  • Light weight and easy to handle and install - minimising site requirements for large cranes
  • Corrosion resistant with an indefinite life in municipal wastewater service
  • Inherently strong to withstand soil and vehicle loads
  • Can be installed in conjunction with a pump station, or they can have a pumping chamber incorporated in them
  • Multiple tanks can be installed alongside one another to achieve the required storage volume.
Download the Horizontal Surge Tanks Handbook

Download the Horizontal Surge Tanks Handbook