Stacks, Chimneys & Diffusers

For dispersal of the small residuals so that downstream effects are minimised

Stacks are the final end point in any air pollution control system. After scrubbers have minimised the levels of odours and noxious gases, the stack is designed to disperse the small residuals so that the downstream effects are minimised.

Armatec custom designs and manufactures stacks to suit the air flow and building heights. The stacks can be free standing, supported off a building, or guyed. 

A diffuser can be installed to increase the final dilution effect of a stack. The diffuser uses the energy of the gas going up the stack to induce fresh air into the discharge and effectively dilute the stack air. Another result of this is that the plume can be less noticeable as the condensation plume is reduced.

The gas velocity up the stack is selected to minimise condensation climb out, as this results in the stack "spitting".

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