IAF/DAF Solid Separators

For phosphorous, algae, oil and solid separation by air in liquid wastewater

Forms and removes sludge from liquid flows by flocculation, flotation from entrained air and separation via launder. Air is introduced via IAF (induced air flow) & DAF (dissolved air flow). 

Used in primary treatment of wastewater for algae removal, phosphorus removal, biomass (solids) removal, oil and grease removal, water reclamation for re-use, effluent polishing, dairy processing, winery & abattoir industries.

Key Features & Benefits

Perform solid-liquid separation without high reliance on chemical use. The IAF (induced air flotaton) and DAF (disolved air flotation) processes are ideal for many solids-liquid separation applications.

  • Reduced chemical use

  • Small footprint
  • Fast separation
  • Flexible operation
  • Pilot Plants available on request
Download the IAF/DAF Solid Separators handbook

Download the IAF/DAF Solid Separators handbook

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