Waste Neutralisation Tank Coating at Brewery

Project Date




A large Auckland brewery was encountering high effluent disposal costs, including repairs to municipal sewers caused by their corrosive acidic effluent. They determined to convert an existing mostly underground concrete storage tank to a neutralisation tank, but faced the problem of corrosion in this tank.


Armatec installed heavy duty coating Ceilcote 6400S Ceilcrete across all surfaces. Expansion joints were installed at construction joints to ensure continuity of the coating long term.

This nominal 3mm barrier lining is based on a vinyl ester resin system, is silica filled to give a tough non-slip impermeable barrier, and is glass fabric reinforced to give exceptional strength. Armatec's extensive quality assurance procedures were used to overcome all site difficulties of a tank below grade. 


Since installed more than 15 years ago, the only maintenance on the coating was when a mixer impellor came loose and buried itself in the concrete wall. The repair of the coating took only a few hours at minimal cost.