Dairy Industry Chemical Wastewater Drains in Fibreglass

Project Date




Underground wastewater drains from Dairy Factories need to handle a range of acidic and caustic solutions, at temperatures up to 90ºC. Traditional materials such as earthenware, plastic and stainless steel had all proven unsatisfactory, resulting in leaks of chemicals into the ground.


A complete drainage system was installed at a Dairy Plant to handle wastewater including CIP (clean in place) chemicals. The fibreglass was installed below the concrete slab, then piped away via fibreglass manholes to the effluent treatment plant. 



Elimination of leaks of chemicals into the ground from Dairy Plant wastewater drains.

Armatec fibreglass vinyl ester pipes came through a joint dairy industry testing programme in the 1990s as the best solution. It is now standard practice for all dairy industry wastewater systems below ground to be fibreglass.