All Fibreglass Pump Station for Residential Wastewater

Project Date



August 2005

Wastewater Treatment

Fibreglass Pump Station


There are two problems faced by all wastewater pump stations: corrosion and odour. Typical concrete pump stations corrode within 20 years of installation, and do not meet the requirement of a 50 year design life required in municipal applications. Corrosion is worse when there are long residence times in the system, as the wastewater can go anaerobic and produce significant quantities of corrosive hydrogen sulphide.


Pump stations built in all fibreglass completely eliminate the corrosion problem, as the fibreglass used is completely inert to wastewater and hydrogen sulphide gases. All fibreglass pump stations are typically built in factory, minimising on site time and overall installation time and cost. So much so that many Councils specify these as standard as they are the best solution all around. 

The pumping station featured above is 1830mm in diameter and 6000mm deep, and is designed for a water table at ground level.  It is specifically designed for use with Flygt pumps and the advanced control features that are available from Trimate Industries.

The all fibreglasss pumping station featured above is shown at various stages of manufacture, assembly and fitout.


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All fibreglass pump stations inspected over a 10 year period were found in ‘as-new’ condition, and are projected to have an indefinite life. All fibreglass pump stations came through the devastating Christchurch earthquakes without internal damage.

Corrosion Proof

High quality isophthalic polyester resin resists hydrogen sulphide gases and are ideal for handling residential wastewater.  

Leak Proof & Infiltration Proof

Fibreglass joints are factory sealed from both the inside and outside. The nozzles are factory custom fitted to be completely water tight.

High Performance Flygt Top Base

A specially contoured Flygt Top Base was fitted to the featured pump station to minimise wastewater retention, maximise pump performance, be easy to clean and minimise any odour generation.

Strong & Light Weight

Fibreglass was designed using finite element analysis and sandwich construction to resist crushing from external hydraulic forces, yet it remained light in weight so that it could be transported and handled easily in one piece.

Fast Installation

Site installation time is minimised with assembly and fitout done in the factory. All that is left to do below grade is to drop the unit in the ground, pour concrete around the base, then backfill. The difficulties of confined space work are eliminated.


While each site is different, the overall cost of an all fibreglass pumping station can be the same cost as a standard concrete pumping station, or it can be as low as 75% of the cost. These analyses are based on including all costs to complete the pumping station including installation and bypass pumping if required. For this pump station the costs were estimated as being very similar.